Sunday, June 3, 2018

Trip Report - Grizzly Peak

We saw an invisible couch yesterday. True story. On our way to the mountains, we were passed by a truck that was carrying a couch in its truck bed, that was camo printed. Because you know, Alberta. That couch probably confuses the crap out of his roomba.

Anyways... fourteen years ago, I was introduced to the activity of scrambling, when a friend took me up Grizzly Peak. I loved it so much that I've been chasing summits ever since. Back on that first scramble, we had the entire mountain to ourselves. Fast forward to yesterday, and you can see the immense growth in popularity of hiking/ scrambling, as we hit up Grizzly Peak to discover it was an ant hill of hikers.

I would never discourage anyone from taking up hiking, just don't be like the large group of morons we saw that were needlessly scrambling off route up a loose rock face, kicking rockfall down onto others trying to access the regular route. They clearly had no idea what they were doing, and were completely inconsiderate of the dangers they were posing to others. Be a badass, not a dumbass. <--Life Motto for you. Now go out and enjoy the beauty of our backcountry!

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-5

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-4
Summit Grizzly Peak.

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-1

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-2

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-3

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-6

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-7

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-10

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-11

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-12

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-13

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-8
Summit Beer: Collective Arts Brewing Liquid Arts Fest Milkshake IPA with passion fruit, mango, and vanilla.

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-9

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-14

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-15

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-16

Scrambles - Grizzly Peak-17

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