Sunday, September 23, 2018

Beakerhead 2018

Last night was Beakernight, the culmination of the annual Beakerhead festival in Calgary, where science, art, and engineering come together to create weird and wacky exhibits to tickle our senses. Despite the light drizzle and cool weather, we let our inner science nerds out, taking in the various exhibits on the grounds at Fort Calgary. There were flames, giant inflatables, high voltage sparking through the air, chemistry themed escape room battles, LED arts and crafts, lenticular style portraits, and much more.

But while this year's edition had some pretty cool stuff, I will argue there weren't quite enough flames as in year's past. MOAR FIRE, please. Click here for some photos from previous years. Did any of you take in the event? If so, what did you think compared to prior editions?

Beakerhead 2018-6
The Fabulist!

Beakerhead 2018-8
Fire makes everything better.

Beakerhead 2018-11
It was drizzling out, so the water droplets on my lens added some interesting flare and bokeh.

Beakerhead 2018-7

Beakerhead 2018-14
The 32ft Sextant Tesla Coils, with a wee bit of electricity flowing.

Beakerhead 2018-12

Beakerhead 2018-16
Inside The Saturnian exhibit, a giant inflatable igloo thingy. Flare courtesy of some condensation on my lens.

Beakerhead 2018-17

Beakerhead 2018-18

Beakerhead 2018-19
DIY LED arts and crafts.

Beakerhead 2018-20
Pulse and Bloom, a series of metal lotus sculptures that lit up in response to your pulse.

Beakerhead 2018-1
The Dreams Never Die exhibit.

Beakerhead 2018-3

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