Saturday, September 15, 2018

Georanosaurus Mach Fossils Unveiled

Welcome to the G.Mach Museum of slightly weird and unsettling objects. This is the world unveiling of specimen G22: the fossilized teeth of the mighty Georanosaurus Mach. I had to get a night guard made recently because apparently I grind my teeth at night. So in preparation for that, they made me a set of dental molds, which I found fascinating and grotesque at the same time. These photos are mother nature's fault. Since winter arrived this week, and we're not mountain adventuring, I got bored...

Dental Mold-10

Dental Mold-6

Dental Mold-9

Dental Mold-8

Dental Mold-7

Dental Mold-5

Dental Mold-4

Dental Mold-2

Dental Mold-3

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