Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Sponsored Beers on Walcott Peak

I recently joked that no breweries had stepped up to sponsor my hiking adventures, despite me regularly taking photos of their beers on mountaintops. Obviously, my legion of 12 Instagram followers didn't qualify me for 'influencer' status (eg: no free swag). Well, fast forward two weeks later, and a friend who works on social media content for Annex Ales heard about my plight, and got them to hook me up with a four pack of tallboys and a couple craft sodas. WEEEE!

So this past weekend, Anita and I made our way out to Yoho National Park in BC, and we bagged Walcott Peak with a 'sponsored' tallboy in tow. Someone then saw the beer photos I posted to Instagram and was like, "WTF, is this an ad?!" To which I responded with, "I'm social media influencing!" Which just shows you how easily I can be bought. #willhikeforbeer #drinklocalcraft

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-13
At the summit of Walcott Peak, overlooking beautiful Emerald Lake.

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-2
To get up onto the summit plateau, there was a lengthy scramble up a steep and loose rock gully.

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-1
Note the rocky wall. We ended up down climbing one of these on our descent, after we took an incorrect gully and ended up at a cliff. #badidea

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-5

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-4

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-6

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-7

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-8

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-10
Looking back towards Mt. Stephen and Cathedral Mountain.

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-12
Sponsored summit brew: Annex Ales Force Majeure New England IPA. You know what's better than a beer at the top of a mountain? One that's free from your local craft brewery.

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-14

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-11
Tubby left us a month ago, but I carry him on these adventures with me in spirit. Miss you, buddy!

Scrambles - Walcott Peak-9
Emerald Peak on the left, the President Range of peaks on the right.

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