Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Tower, aka The Soul Destroyer

Unsolicited advice: having a 6 pint night before a morning presentation to your director, manager, and their colleagues across the country is a terrible idea. #whoknew?

Now before you get all judgey about binge drinking on a weeknight, the next day was my day off, even though I stupidly agreed to present anyways. My voice had that distinct scratchy hoarseness that can only mean you've either 1) been recently hit by a truck, or 2) obviously just woken from a bender. #poorlifechoices

Anyways, the next day, Jas and I struggled up The Tower, a mountain that can only be described as a sufferfest of endlessly loose rubble, treadmill scree, and a deceptively long steep slope leading to it's summit at 3108m above sea level. I'll let the photos do the talking, as I don't have the adequate diction to better describe how technical and long this hike was. But as Jas put it, "This mountain hates me and it's destroying my soul..."

Scrambles - The Tower-17
Me, on the summit.

Scrambles - The Tower-1
The start of the steep climb.

Scrambles - The Tower-2
More steeps. Jas in the middle of the photo, exhausted.

Scrambles - The Tower-3
And here's me directly above, looking back down towards Jas. It was relentless steep.

Scrambles - The Tower-4
Being rewarded with some views, as we made our way up.

Scrambles - The Tower-5
Aaaaaaand more steeps.

Scrambles - The Tower-6

Scrambles - The Tower-7
Look closely - that's Jas in the middle left.

Scrambles - The Tower-9
Almost there...

Scrambles - The Tower-10
A few climbing spots to navigate to the top.

Scrambles - The Tower-11
So close, we can taste those summit beers.

Scrambles - The Tower-12

Scrambles - The Tower-13
Just kidding, we still got a ways to go. FML.

Scrambles - The Tower-14

Scrambles - The Tower-15
Summit brews: Annex Ale Project Bright Nights Sour Wit, and Citizen brewing Northwest Pale Ale.

Scrambles - The Tower-16
Me deciding I hadn't suffered enough, so I should go traipse over along the ridge.

Scrambles - The Tower-18

Scrambles - The Tower-19
Long after we started our descent, we eventually made it back to the meadow where we still had a 4km hike out back to the car.

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