Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fooding Japan!!

I've really neglected to share any photos of our experience in Japan, and will try to rectify that over the coming weeks. A huge part of any visit to a foreign country is to experience the culinary fare. Japan was everything I had expected and more. The food was delicious, fresh, colourful, sometimes strange, often raw, always packaged and/or presented beautifully, not always identifiable, and in the case of fugu (puffer fish) - potentially deadly.

For you unadventurous fooders out there, enjoy a DERICIOUS food feast in photos:

Onigiri (rice balls)

Beeru! (Sold at 7-Eleven)

Pork Ramen (ordered through a ticket vending machine)

One of hundreds of displays at an upscale-ish deli in Tokyo

Bento from said upscale deli

Pork Cutlet Ramen with Miso Soup

Menu for Sushi Breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market


McHotDog?! There was a McPork too, but I forgot to photo it.

Nigiri Sushi (clockwise) - Crab Innards, Shako (Mantis Shrimp), Abalone, a Cannabis leaf(?!) and some exotic clam

FUGU (Puffer Fish) Sashimi

FUGU cooked in a hot broth

No readey Nihongo, Gaijin? No probrem. Prease order finger pointy.

The milk as MILKED. I'm so glad.

Udon! Oooo....don. I miss you.

Some Korean rice dish... there was no Engris on the menu, so I don't know what it was.

FUGU (Puffer Fish) cooked over hot stones.

Hope you enjoyed your visual feast. I know I sure enjoyed eating these things. Especially the abalone nigiri sushi. Wow, was that to seppuku for!


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