Thursday, December 3, 2009

The End is NIGH

VERY EFFING NIGH. Seriously, Canon has filed a patent for a touchscreen dSLR. And no, it's not a touchscreen for the purposes of reviewing your shots, it's a touchscreen to replace the functionality of buttons and dials which you currently use to change aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and other important exposure settings. What the hell is wrong with tactile dials and buttons? You can operate them without having to take your eye away from the viewfinder. You CANNOT with a touchscreen. W-T-FUCK?! This is the camera snob in me coming out to play, but is there really someone out there who thinks taking your eye away from the viewfinder so that you can adjust exposure settings on your screen is convenient or conducive to shooting? Cause they make great point and shoots with that feature JUST.FOR.YOU! If you feel that the learning curve of figuring out the layout of buttons and dials on your camera is too much, then go buy one of those gimmicky Sony Cybershots or other entry level cams. Don't mess with advanced tools that already work, and work VERY well.

For more info, read the article below. But actually, the best part of the article is the debate in the comments between serious shooters and some dude who's obviously never used an SLR for any length of time (he espouses all kinds of reasons why a touchscreen would be great for an SLR, but yet the examples he comes up with are not situations or circumstances encountered by serious photographers).

Check it out here. Then go pray that this is just some junk patent filed to stop some other idiotic company from making a piece of shite like this a reality.


  1. umm...ewww...this is the same company that used Avril Lavigne as the spokesperson for the XT SLR....this is more reason to love my old vintage cameras. I own an XT but i don't think i'll be ever inclined to buy any of the new Canon models with the fancy touchscreen and the video options. eww.

  2. haha... I don't want to be a Canon hater, but yes the Avril Lavigne commercials on TV really annoyed the crap out of me.

    I won't say that I would NEVER buy a new fancy SLR with a touchscreen, but I definitely do feel like vintage and toy cams are the way to go. I think I'm going to snap up a KIEV 88 and a Nikon FG for myself for Christmas.

  3. Hey, I'm all for it. Go Canon Go!
    When they do actually put this on the market, all those soccer moms and GWCs (guy with camera) will be snapping them up....and for each one sold, there is more money for R&D on things that might actually matter. Like a new focusing system on the 5D series, or ISO 200,000. :D