Monday, December 21, 2009

賴尿虫 - Our little Peeing Worm

Tubby is Anita's dad's dog. But by default, we've basically taken to calling him our dog. He's slightly pudgy, a chicken shit, and has a small underbite that makes him look even more mentally challenged than he already is... he's probably got self esteem issues. And apparently bladder control issues, as he's taken up the habit of peeing exclusively on carpet. IN. THE. HOUSE. Frick. He's been given the Chinese nickname of "賴尿虫", which translates roughly to Peeing Worm. But even despite this, he manages to pull off this crazy cute look that makes you forget he just stained the carpet. AGAIN.

I like how he looks like a seal in this shot. Except, you probably didn't even notice that because you can't take your eyes off of Anita's ridiculous Hello Kitty PJs.

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