Sunday, March 21, 2010

Custom 120 Film Cannisters

I had a bunch of empty plastic film containers laying around, and for some reason, decided to muck around with them. A craft knife, a bit of duct tape, electrical tape, a couple printed sticky labels with my photos on them, and a few minutes of manual dexterity later, I'd made myself some custom film cannisters for 120 roll film. Takes about 10 minutes to bang up a decent one (depending on how good you are with a knife, and duct taping two plastic tubes together), so there's no reason you shouldn't get on this if you shoot any 120.

If you can't tell from looking at the photos, here's how you do it. Cut out the bottom of one 35mm container. Then cut off the top 2/3 of another container (or you could actually measure out how much more container you need by checking it against an actual 120 spool). Tape the 1st container to the bottom of the 2nd container. Decorate to taste.

-Craft Teacher Wannabe G

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