Friday, March 12, 2010

Photowalk Edmonton

So Marc and I went out on a photostroll this week through a bit of Chinatown, then the Art Gallery, and ending off at Churchill Square. I only had my 50mm, which is awesome, but sometimes you need something a bit wider...

Quick story about the portrait of the lady in the last photo - she approached Marc as we were walking through the very picturesque concrete slab in Churchill Square, and she requested Marc to take her photo. But she insisted that he had to take the photo at a distance from which she could touch him. Very odd. Anyways, Marc had his 70-300 lens slapped on, which can't focus that close, and so I ended snapping this shot of her. It's blurry cause manual focus in the dark is fricking hard, and the DoF at f/1.2 is really shallow. But I love the way it turned out. Apres photo, she poked me with her finger, and let us on our way. Strange, but fun.

There are few more photos from this night, which I'll post later.

-Comrade G


  1. is it just me or is graffiti/tagging moving towards some sort of word/poetry movement? like a contemporary graff style that's beyond tagging/murals. I'm using a lot of "/" today...

  2. I dunno, I haven't been paying much attention to graffiti/street art/ tags/ murals lately/recently. But whatever the trend is/ was, I'm liking it/ loving it. The tags/ graffiti shown in these few shots were all found in a scummy area just off the main strip in Chinatown, Edmonton.

    How's that for one-up-manship in "/" usage?

  3. That impulse-portrait shot is priceless. The "morning child" one worked out pretty cool, too. (Did you know those tags around there are specifically put so that people in the "Edmonton Remand Center" can look out the windows and see them? In the summer you'll always see notes, tags, love notes, etc. on the sidewalks and such so that inmates can look down and read them.)

    Also, do I know jiorji?

  4. Hey Marc - I had no idea you could see those tags from the Remand Center. That's actually really cool when you think about it (other than the fact that the messages are for folks who are accused of often serious crimes). And I'm pretty sure you don't know Jiorji. She's a flickr buddy of mine. But do check out her blog and flickr stream. She's a toy camera enthusiast like myself.

  5. There does seem to be a loosely knit, world wide graffiti move going on. We have a few spots around here where the artists actually get together & paint (parking garages, underpasses...). "Upper Playground" has a You Tube video series called Walrus TV that often features current & past artists. There are a couple that I found really interesting, where graffiti artists help out some of the homeless people in their area (LA, if I recall correctly). The videos really show the human side of both the homeless & the artists, worth checking out.
    Anyway, it looks like a fun photo walk & a little glimpse of the area! I like the portrait. It's enigmatic, you're not really sure what's going on behind the eyes.