Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kinjo and Chocoretto

I'm supposed to be writing up a summary of some volunteering I did this past week, but of course Mr. Procrastinator has infinitely more entertaining things to be doing with his time - ie: posting photos from sushi at Kinjo's yesterday. The food was so so, and the place was staffed with more Chinese cooks than you typically like to see for an authentic Japanese restaurant, but I did really get a kick out of our server. She reminded me so much of our Japanese friend Yasko, and I especially loved when she gave us a choice of Strawberry or "Chocoretto" flavoured Pocky with our bill. hehehe... Chocoretto. I'm gonna start calling chocolate that all the time now.

Seared Tuna Nigiri

Scallop Sashimi

Tako (Octopus)



  1. that looks soooooooooooooooo good!!! damn being a vegetarian!! but i'm sure there's awesome vegetarian sushi. That'll be your next week's procrastination assignment, right?? thanks :D

  2. Are you really a vegetarian? I don't think I could handle life without sushi. Vegetarians can get their fill of tempura and agedashi tofu, but you're still missing out on the really good stuff.

  3. yup. i'm so proud of myself, but i'm still in the early stages so i'm still craving fish...not so much meat but mmmm bacon....sigh..sushi. I also can no longer that good calamari salad they had at the sushi place :(

  4. Oh, you're a recent convert? It's not too late to come back you know. :)