Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dean Welsh and George Mach: Professional Wedding Photographers

You don't even need to see our work to know that we are truly dedicated pros. I mean, just look at us.

Yep, that's a look of an awesomely confident and skilled pro.

And this? That's a look of someone who fears nothing.

This? Just me, being all professional like. Word.

We is SERIOUS professionals.

Just look at that camera - PRIME lens. Serious.

And that face - SERIOUSLY PRO.

Flash is swivelled - CLEARLY A LIGHTING EXPERT.

Here too - reverse swivelled and bent at an angle! WOW, SO SERIOUSLY PROFESSIONAL.

We ARE: Dean Welsh, aka Rope Hair

And: George Mach, aka Token Chinese Guy

Hire us, we're totally professionals, and we totally won't spend our time photographing legs of random hot chicks at your wedding.

And just for shits and giggles, an obligatory shot of the owner of the above pair of legs beside my wife. :)

Okay, just in case any of you actually thought I was for real about us being professional wedding photographers, let me clarify: WE ARE NOT. I'm almost finished processing that wedding shoot, and then I'm retiring from this gig. Way too much stress, and way less fun than just running around shooting crap photos with a Holga. No more, I say. NO MORE.

Capitan G, over and out.


  1. You guys better come out of retirement if'n I get married. I want an entire ALBUM of you guys taking pictures of each other!