Friday, September 17, 2010

Polaroid SX-70

Here's the SX-70 I scored for cheap yesterday at a second hand store. Everything appears to be functional, and I still can't get over the fact that the leatherette is in such good shape. Tomorrow, I shall march on down to the Camera Store to pick up an ND gel to tape over the lens, and then I shall test fire a pack of 600 film through it. Glorious instant picture-fication.

And further to my purchases, I spent an additional 84 cents today in snapping up 4 rolls of Solaris branded color film from a discount retailer in Stettler, AB. Never seen this brand before, but you can't pass up 96 exposures for 84 cents. And made in Italy too! The boxes were covered in dust, so I assumed they were super expired. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, they only expired in May of this year.


Update: View some of the first SX-70 test shots here.


  1. Nice score. I've got two or three SX-70s around here somewhere.
    From my limited knowledge, it takes a bit of work to be able to run 600 film through it. Although, I'll bet you're more than up to it.

  2. Hey Mike, yeah, you have to do a couple things to run 600 film - first you need to adjust the speed (600 film is a higher speed than what the SX-70 was designed for, hence the ND gel I bought for it). And then the actual 600 film packs have a few nubs on the bottom of them that prevent you from loading it straight into the camera, but any old piece of card will help you to guide it in. Voila! You should give it a shot sometime.