Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scrambling up the Big Sister

A combination of bad timing, plenty of poor spring and summer weather, and a general lack of motivation to do anything remotely resembling exercise had kept me from a real scramble in the mountains thus far this year... but we more than made up for it yesterday, making a long but awesome trek up the Big Sister yesterday. I now feel ready to conquer a couple more peaks this season. The Big Sister was relentlessly steep from beginning to end, with lots of fun technical scrambling on all fours once you emerged from the tree line. Highly recommend if you're into scrambling and haven't done this one.

You really need to see this one large (click on it).


  1. Thanks Jiorji! Scrambling in the Rockies is awesome. Something for you to look forward to when you one day make your way out here.

  2. My sister scrambling up a mountain. Who would've known. Good for you!