Sunday, May 5, 2013

Giant Heads, Steel Horses, and a Lion Mask - Just another YYC Sunday.

Scott, Eric and I went on a short photowalk this morning downtown. Scott suggested the rather heinous hour of 7am as our start time (F@CK!!!), so there weren't many people on the streets to photograph. Having said that, I did get a portrait of some random dude with a runny nose who asked us if we were Canadians or not. Portrait not shown below cause it hasn't been developed yet).

YYC Photowalk-19

YYC Photowalk-22

YYC Photowalk-23
Looking out, from inside the giant head.

YYC Photowalk-16

YYC Photowalk-15

YYC Photowalk-18

YYC Photowalk-14

YYC Photowalk-13

YYC Photowalk-12

YYC Photowalk-11

YYC Photowalk-10

YYC Photowalk-9

YYC Photowalk-21

YYC Photowalk-20

All shots taken with a Leica M6 and Voigtlander Nokton SC 35/1,4 on expired Konica VX 400. This film yields really interesting orange and magenta notes. If you can find some (discontinued a while ago), you should grab it.

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