Monday, May 27, 2013

Lilac Fest 2013

It was a weekend of food (what else is new) and festivities as we spent Saturday celebrating my cousin's wedding, and then soaked in the sights, smells, and sounds of Lilac Fest on Sunday. Photos from the wedding to come. For us, the highlight of Lilac Fest was seeing Chris Schaften, a contestant on this latest season of Top Chef Canada, grilling up sausages outside Blonde's Diner (see below). All photos taken on Fuji Instax or Instax 210 film. I love Instant Photography. The only thing more amazing and magical than watching an instant photo slowly develop before your eyes is seeing He-man team up with She-ra to give Hordak a severe ass kicking... yes, my niece was in town and we may have watched Teletoon Retro for hours on end. What of it?

Lilac Fest Weekend

Lilac Fest Weekend-3

Lilac Fest Weekend-4

Lilac Fest Weekend-2

Lilac Fest Weekend-5

Lilac Fest Weekend-6  Lilac Fest Weekend-7

Lilac Fest Weekend-9  Lilac Fest Weekend-8

Lilac Fest Weekend-10

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