Saturday, October 5, 2013

Five Years of XOXO ... Gossip Girl?

Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of our wedding. Not that five years of experience qualifies us as experts on marital longevity, but I will share with you a secret to our success: common ground, and where that is lacking, mutual respect of that lack.

Example: Anita was watching the series finale of Gossip Girl this morning on DVD. BAAAAAAARRRRF. I'm guessing that the majority of you don't follow that show (yes, I WILL judge you for that), so my personal synopsis of the premise for you is this: someone anonymously blogs the comings and goings of a group of white, upper class, snobby, elitist bitches and douchebags 'struggling' through life. It's disgusting on so many levels. And for reasons I can't explain, Anita just LOVES it. But while I would rather grind my face against a cheese grater than watch that show, I do occasionally sit down and watch it with her anyways. (Okay, you can now judge me for that).

Anyways, I'm not sure why I've chosen to discuss my repulsion for that show as part of a celebration of our relationship. Moving on to the good parts. Of which there are many, but undoubtedly, our biggest shared passion lies routed in that desire to explore... countless flight, train, bus, and ferry connections have taken us through 30 countries and 100+ cities for food, drink, and adventure these past five years. Enjoy a small sampling of such below. Looking forward to our next 100 cities.

Wroclaw, Poland

20 Quid Splish Splosh
London, England

Arashiyama, Japan

Why she loved Madrid
Sevilla, Spain

Rue Boeuf (Beef Street?)
Lyon, France

The Downward Spiral
Rome, Italy

Life on Two Wheels-4
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Bright Lights of Brooklyn
New York, USA

Portugal Historic Tram No. 28
Lisbon, Portugal

Amsterdamarama 2
Amsterdam, Holland

Forests of Alishan 2
Alishan, Taiwan

Budapest, Hungary

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Endless Emerald
Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Pripyat: The Beauty of Decay
Pripyat (Chernobyl), Ukraine

Railway Bridge - Riga, Latvia
Riga, Latvia

Temple of Heaven
Beijing, China

Montreal, Canada

Prague, Czech Republic

Angkor Wat
Angor Wat, Cambodia

Zmajski Most (Dragon Bridge)
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bucharest National Library
Bucharest, Romania

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  1. This might be my favorite blog post so far. And I have enjoyed SO MANY! Happy Anniversary to you and Anita. Here's to many more countries, foods and adventures!!