Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting the Call from Carnegie Hall

It's not everyday that Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute comes calling to seek permission to use one of your photos as part of their slideshows for an upcoming concert. Weill Music Institute is the education dept at Carnegie Hall in New York City. So yes, I was pretty excited by the request. I may even have momentarily squeaked like a teenager catching a glimpse of insert teen pop idol here. Unfortunately, the photo they wanted to use was a crap photo I took years ago on a little point and shoot. Frankly, I am embarrassed to even maintain it on my flickr stream, but do so only in the spirit of documenting the change and development of my style over the years. "Look ma, I evolved from that knuckle dragger to this!" So I was torn between saying 'yes', because I wanted to support the arts, while also saying 'no' because I didn't want to be associated with the photo. Call it vanity, but there's this artistic desire to be remembered soley for the awesome parts of your life, not the embarassing moments like when you shirked a little turd in your pants because you had too many shreddies for breakfast and there was no bathroom nearby... or so I've heard... anyways...

Put another way, it'd be like the Chancellor of Germany going up to George Clooney and saying, "Excuse me Herr Clooney, but vern't you ze Batman? I loved zat movie!" (referring of course to the stinker, Batman & Robin, c. 1997, arguably one of the lowest points in the history of human civilization, aside from the Holocaust and maybe the invention of snuggies for dogs - seriously, WTF?!). Someone please tweet @Clooney that question, and tell me his response so that I can base my decision accordingly.

Okay, apparently, my niece is awake which means I will be her rag doll for the next 14 hours. Wishing you guys a Happy Thanksgiving (assuming you're from the land of free healthcare), and enjoy whatever fabulous turkey/ham/steak & lobster dinner you've got planned.

The Crawfish Special

This is NOT the photo Carnegie WMI asked to use, but rather me dreaming of delicious Thanksgiving dinner tonight. MMMMM.

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