Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tripping the Streets Fantastic - Exposure 2014 - Fluevog!

We went to check out the opening gala for Chris Tait and Julie Vincent's Tripping the Streets Fantastic: New York City, at the Peanut Gallery (downstairs, John Fluevog Store on Stephen Ave). A few of you likely know Chris as a former purveyor of photographic plunder at The Camera Store, and possibly as a talented street photographer with a penchant for getting punched (seriously, ask him about that time a peeing elf gave him a good knuckling).

Anyways, you should go check out their exhibition and see the interesting divergence that these two take stylistically as they showcase their street work from a recent trip to New York. Nice work!

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-4
Mr. Tait, obligingly posing beside some of his framed 'bathroom turned makeshift darkroom printed' photos.

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-5

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-6
Cody - Whiskey, Leicas, Guitars, Cigarettes, and general belligerence.

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-7

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-8

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-9

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-2

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-10
Jessica - Cody's sister. Has 'Kimchee Fried Rice' tattooed on her arm. In Korean. Awesome.

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-3

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-11
You know you're doing something right when you elicit this reaction.

Tripping the Streets Fantastic-12
This isn't what it looks like. Unless of course you think this looks like Cody jabbing his keys into the back of his Leica to unjam the film leader. Cause that's exactly what this is. Insane.ity.ishness.iance.ology. Yep.

And because we all know if I put a link to the website for the exhibition on the Exposure Calgary page, you'll be too lazy to actually click on it, here it is. I saved you the effort.

Lower level, Fluevog
Tripping the Streets Fantastic:
New York
February 1 to March 30

New York City is the subject of the second year of Julie Vincent and Chris Tait’s five-year project looking at life and moments on the streets of big cities internationally.
Following on their 2013 London exhibition, Julie and Chris travelled to New York City in May, 2013. New York is a decidedly different city from London. The inhabitants of New York echo the bigger-than-life, loud, ebullient culture and history of their city, from its wild highs to its devastating lows, to its in-yourface approach to everything about itself. Join us for a walk through the streets and alleyways of one of the oldest cities in the U.S. New York City is the second in a series of four cities. Two other international cities will be presented in 2015 and 2016, with the artists’ presenting a retrospective of their work in 2017.
207 – 8th Avenue S.W., Calgary
T: 403-265-1970

OPENING: February 8, 5 – 7 p.m.
CLOSES: March 30

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