Thursday, February 20, 2014


Since our return from S. America, I've been dealing with some unusual extreme exhaustion - I can't stay awake past 9pm most nights. I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't catch some weird parasite or something. Calling all my doctor / medical professional friends (or folks that watched House a lot): is this a plausible explanation? Have I got some weird S. American energy sapping tapeworm?

I suppose the more likely explanation is just that my general lack of fitness (more like FATNESS) is the cause of my lethargy, and I just need to exercise more. Le sigh...

On with the photos. These were shot during dinner and drinks at Dada Cafe in Buenos Aires. Dada was a hole in the wall, dive bar kind of joint, but with a fully stocked bar, great service, and hands down, THE BEST STEAK I have ever eaten in my life. Cooked to absolute medium rare perfection, and mmmmmmmelt in your mouth meatasticness. Oh man, I would fly back to Argentina just for this steak.

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-1

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-2

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-3

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-6

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-4

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-5

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-7
These empanadas were not from the same restaurant as above, but rather just a window display we encountered on our walk back to our hotel.

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-8

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-11
The boutique hotel we stayed in. Lots of character.

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-13

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-12

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-14

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-10

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-9

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  1. Love the looks of that hotel!! Just say no to tape worms. -Amy