Thursday, September 25, 2014


Poor iPhone 6+ owners are getting all #bentoutofshape (ha!) over this Bendy Mcbend phone controversy (OMG - who knew that thin metal would bend when my fat ass sat on it?!). Good thing I'm not an early adopter. But even if I was, I wouldn't be able to fit a phone that big comfortably into my pocket anyways, so #bendgate, #bendghazi, #willitbend, #BendOverAndTakeItFromTheGhostofSteveJobs probably wouldn't apply to me.

Anyways… it's that beautiful fall colour time of the year in YYC. Put away your bent phone and go soak in the sights of the golden foliage before it's gone in a couple weeks. Then you can resume complaining about your #BendItLikeBeckam phone.

Autumn Foliage 2014-5

Autumn Foliage 2014-4

Autumn Foliage 2014-3

Autumn Foliage 2014-2

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