Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nuit Blanche Calgary 2014

Last night was Nuit Blanche 2014 in Calgary, and the area surrounding Olympic Plaza was transformed into a venue hosting numerous contemporary/ performance art pieces. Unlike many Nuit Blanche events around the world that run until dawn, the Calgary version ended at 1am, due to some overly stringent noise bylaws. Our festival is a relative newcomer, and it showed, as the performance pieces were hit and miss, and organizational logistics weren't well thought out (the popular "All Night Breakfast" pieces were set inside a tiny cramped space, while a far less engaging piece was granted the main lobby of City Hall). But the hits were definite hits, and it was fun, well attended, and has huge potential for growth and improvement. Looking forward to next year.

Nuit Blanche Calgary-1
Fitting caption, as the bottom arrow points to my Revolution Brewing shirt (from a craft Chicago brewery of that moniker).

Nuit Blanche Calgary-2
The actual Pennies from Heaven performance featured a lady up on a ladder tossing/ dropping popcorn into the mouths of passersby underneath. Fun!

Nuit Blanche Calgary-3
I was handed this protest placard. The back side read 'I will not be SHAMED for my sexuality"

Nuit Blanche Calgary-4

Nuit Blanche Calgary-8
This interactive exhibit was part of the All Night Breakfast, where you were given a small placard, and then you could spell out whatever message you wanted in Alphaghetti letters.

Nuit Blanche Calgary-7
This was what I came up with. I like the happy colourful feel of the piece, contrasted against the political call to action.

Nuit Blanche Calgary
The Symphony for Absent Wildlife

Nuit Blanche Calgary-9

Nuit Blanche Calgary-6

Nuit Blanche Calgary-13
Limelight - a spotlit area on Stephen Ave, inviting any brave enough to bask in the limelight for a moment, sharing with all any talent or spontaneous performance one fancied.

Nuit Blanche Calgary-12
20,000 Snowdrops. Anita grabbed one of the 20,000 Snowdrop bulbs handed out - a flower to be planted in the fall, and expected to bloom at the end of winter. By giving away this many bulbs, the hope is that the city will be awash in snowdrops next year.

Alright, it's time for bed. Gonna take in a flick for the Calgary film fest in a couple hours. It's a great weekend for arts and culture in Calgary.

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