Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Street Scenes from Vietnam

Some random telemarketer speaking Vietnamese called our house recently, and Anita answered the phone. I was upstairs at the time, but all I heard was her yelling into the receiver like a crazed Alec Baldwin. Hilarious, but only because she's normally the "not crazy" half in our relationship. ;)

Speaking of telemarketers, you know you're doing something right, when you to get them to hang up on you angrily. I had a scammer phone me last week, and instead of hanging up, I started asking him questions about his personal life. He hung up on me instead. It's a small victory, but satisfying none the less.

Photos: some bicycling street scenes from Vietnam. Enjoy!

The Saigon Cyclist

Cycling Saigon-5

Cycling Saigon-4

Cycling Saigon-6

Cycling Saigon-2

Cycling Saigon-3

Cycling Saigon-7

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