Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Booze, Cigars, and Monster Hangovers - A Right Proper Stag

Our dear brother Beevbo Baggins is getting married next month, and so we sent him off into the land of indentured servitude with one last hurrah with the boys. Gregg's stag was supposed to be an evening of gentlemanly pursuits and a friendly game of poker, but quickly devolved into a disgraceful puke-fest after too much booze and cigars. It was great fun... until it wasn't. But we won't dwell on the unpleasant memories of vomit puddles and 20 hour hangovers, and instead reflect back on the great night it was. Enjoy some of my favourite photos from the evening...

Gregg's Stag-1

Gregg's Stag-2

Gregg's Stag-3

Gregg's Stag-4

Gregg's Stag-5

Gregg's Stag-6

Gregg's Stag-7

Gregg's Stag-8

Gregg's Stag-9

Gregg's Stag-10

Gregg's Stag-11

Gregg's Stag-12

Gregg's Stag-13

Gregg's Stag-14

Gregg's Stag-15

Gregg's Stag-16

Gregg's Stag-17

Gregg's Stag-18

Gregg's Stag-19

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