Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Blue Monday Blues, Part Deux

French update: so yesterday, I was doing some mad cramming in the final hour before my French test. If cramming was a superpower, I’d have been the equivalent of The Flash on steroids. But then it turned out that my French test was moved to next week. So I get to repeat this panicked cramming madness again in 7 days. FAAAAAAACK!!

Book nerds - BEHOLD! While on the subject of learning, I thought I'd share images from the beautiful cafe and libary inside the B2 Boutique hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. We didn't actually stay at this hotel, but did consume one small $15 hot chocolate there, while admiring the floor to ceiling bookshelves.

B2 Boutique Hotel-1

B2 Boutique Hotel-2

B2 Boutique Hotel-4

B2 Boutique Hotel-3

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