Monday, January 25, 2016

Blue Monday Blues, Part Trois

We went without internet and cable TV at home for the past five days because our service provider is crap. It was sort of like living in a cave, and we resorted to entertaining ourselves by talking to each other, and like, reading words printed in these things called 'books'. It was horrifying. :)

And it's Monday night again... which means I should be studying for my deferred from last week French test tomorrow. But you know, we've finally gotten The Google back, so naturally I'm reading about J.Lo's wardrobe malfunction yesterday and similar important world affairs instead. FACE. PALM.

Zurich by Night
This was an evening scene we shot in the old town centre of Zurich, after enjoying a delicious traditional meal of meat and beer. I particularly liked the trams crisscrossing through the pedestrian traffic, backdropped against the beautiful architecture.

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