Sunday, January 31, 2016

_magical freezing churning machine thingy_

We spent this afternoon down at Crepes & Cravings, where proprietor Brian Browning brought us into the work area and gave us a closeup look at how fresh handcrafted sorbetto and gelato is made, from scratch. Tasting the rich and creamy goodness as it was scooped fresh out of the "magical freezing churning machine thingy**", might just turn you into a hardcore gelato snob. The next time you have some, you may find yourself questioning its vintage, and where the ingredients were sourced from. heh... maybe like single malt whiskey, the next trend in gelato will be single cow milk. Anymoo...

Crepes and Cravings 2
Sampling the minutes old fresh blackberry sorbetto.

Crepes and Cravings

Crepes and Cravings-3

(**descriptor plagiarized from the organizer of the event)

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