Thursday, May 26, 2016

28 Days Later... YYC Instameets tour of Tool Shed Brewing

I put myself on a 30 day no beer diet, but after 28 long days of abstention, I finally caved as I couldn't turn down an opportunity to tour Tool Shed Brewing in NE Calgary as part of a yycinstameets group meetup. Graham, one of the brewery founders, shared with us entertaining stories behind this operation, while serving up samples of their cream ale, red ale, IPA, and newly added stout, before giving us space to set up a little impromptu portrait shoot. There's no way for me to do justice to the stories he shared, but I can tell you that they so perfectly complemented the craft brews served. Beer geeks definitely need to take a tour of this place.

Tool Shed Brewing-8

Tool Shed Brewing-9

Tool Shed Brewing-3

Tool Shed Brewing-4
Graham explains some of the flavour notes to their Red Rage red ale.

Tool Shed Brewing-5
Where the magic happens: the brew tanks.

Tool Shed Brewing-6
Graham explains the history of the canning line, built by a local company.

Tool Shed Brewing-7
The other half of this brewing company, Jeff.

Tool Shed Brewing-10

Tool Shed Brewing-1

Tool Shed Brewing-2

Tool Shed Brewing-13

Tool Shed Brewing-14

Tool Shed Brewing-11
Morgan, the person behind yycinstameets, and the organizer of this great little meetup.

Tool Shed Brewing-12

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