Sunday, November 20, 2016

Binge eating the sadness away

Anita has declared this hiking season officially over for us, which brings with it a bit of overwhelming grief that can only be muted by binge eating till your stomach has grown 3 sizes. And that we did yesterday, hitting up some new-ish spots in town for some weirdly delicious and/or interesting flavour combinations.

The strangest by far was the Dr. Octo-pi, a pizza topped with heavy cream, corn, seaweed, bonito flakes and braised octopus. If you've never seen what bonito flakes do when they're heated, you should really watch the video below of them pseudo melting/ flapping around.

Funny side note: as I was uploading this story, I could hear Anita in the foyer stepping on the scale and congratulating herself with 'Still good.'

Fooding YYC Nov 2016-4
The Doctor Octo-pi, from Full Circle Pizza & Oyster Bar.

Fooding YYC Nov 2016-6
Squid ink risotto with grilled calamari, and lightly roasted oysters topped with ham and basil. The roasted oysters / ham combo were amazing!

Fooding YYC Nov 2016-3
A selection of East and West coast oysters, ranging from sweet and creamy, to meaty and briny.

Fooding YYC Nov 2016-2
Kimchi fried rice, top with fried egg, in a hot stone bowl, from Pure Vietnamese Kitchen+Bar

Fooding YYC Nov 2016-1
Pork,chicken and spring rolls vermicelli.

Fooding YYC Nov 2016-5
Surf & Turf Sate roll: sushi style presentation of salad rolls with sate beef, topped with prawns and sweet chili sauce.

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