Thursday, November 3, 2016

Xi'an Muslim Quarter - Food and Photos

Tasty street food? Check. Photogenic pedestrian street? Check. Is there any question why we enjoyed the Muslim Quarter in the city of Xi'an, China? Most folks go to Xi'an specifically for the Terracotta Warriors, but the Muslim Quarter is definitely a must visit area for anyone who enjoys great (but not necessarily sanitary) food. Don't let the lack of refrigeration deter you... the open air, unrefrigerated meats cooked over charcoal grills were to die for. And did I mention how photogenic the area was at night? See for yourself.

Xian Muslim Quarter-11

Xian Muslim Quarter-15

Xian Muslim Quarter-14
No meat left behind. These dudes skillfully carve meat off of goat carcasses in the open air of Beiyanmen street.

Xian Muslim Quarter-9

Xian Muslim Quarter-4

Xian Muslim Quarter-3
Delicious charcoal grilled goat skewers.

Xian Muslim Quarter-12

Xian Muslim Quarter-13

Xian Muslim Quarter-16

Xian Muslim Quarter-17

Xian Muslim Quarter-18

Xian Muslim Quarter-21

Xian Muslim Quarter-10

Xian Muslim Quarter-19
Stewed goat's feet. Surprisingly yummy.

Xian Muslim Quarter-23

Xian Muslim Quarter-20

Xian Muslim Quarter-22

Xian Muslim Quarter-8
Chinese style yogurt, served in porcelain jars.

Xian Muslim Quarter-1
This guy puts on quite the show while working some sugary goop used to make candy.

Xian Muslim Quarter-5
After sampling the street food, we sat down at a muslim restaurant where you had to rip up your own dense flatbread, which would then be cooked in broth as part of a noodle dish.

Xian Muslim Quarter-7

Xian Muslim Quarter-6

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