Sunday, November 6, 2016

#LoveYYC Day

Happy EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP DAY! Yesterday for #LoveYYC day, the missus and I hit a bunch of local food and drink venues to take advantage of free tours, free swag, and free samples. Because the only time you should turn down free anything is if it's candy from a creepy old guy in a wood paneled van. But that's neither here nor there. We hit up the Big Rock brewery for free swag and tastings, the Crossroads market for lunch, Fiasco Gelato for a tour and tasting, and ended off at Village Brewery for a couple pints and tour of the production facility. #fatguystuckinaskinnybody

LoveYYC Day-6
A roasted or chocolate barley malt for brewing stouts or porters.

LoveYYC Day-3
Tour of Fiasco Gelato.

LoveYYC Day-4
The Eggnog Gelato is YUM-MY!

LoveYYC Day-5

LoveYYC Day-2
Lunch at Crossroads Market, where free gift cards were given out to the first 50 patrons. Being night owls, we were not amongst those 50.

LoveYYC Day-8
The beautiful copper mash tun and wort tanks at Village Brewery.

LoveYYC Day-9
Wort tank selfie.

LoveYYC Day-7
2 row malted barley.

LoveYYC Day-11
Smaller capacity fermentation tanks for the smaller volume brews.

LoveYYC Day-12
7000L capacity fermenters for the most popular brews.

LoveYYC Day-10
The bottling line, equipped to do both 331ml bottles and 22 fl.oz bombers.

LoveYYC Day-13
Yours truly, patiently waiting for gelato.

LoveYYC Day-15-2
We'd finish off the evening gorging ourselves on takeout and blind tasting a few random beers in the fridge.

And you can't hang out with friends drinking beer without snapping a Polaroid or two.
LoveYYC Day-15

LoveYYC Day-14
Mike samples the Maiden ISA and Wit Belgian wheat beers.

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