Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Year in Photos

It feels like just yesterday I was writing out my year end summary for 2017, and yet here we are again already. There's no way to do justice to the adventures of our 2018, but here are some of the year's highlights:

-Summiting Africa's highest mountain (Kilimanjaro)
-Getting 9th degree sunburns snorkelling the Indian Ocean
-Shooting big game in the Serengeti (with a camera)
-Dressing up as Luigi, and Mariokarting the actual streets of Tokyo at night.
-Eating our weight in street food in Taiwan
-Bagging 15 summits in the Rockies
-Trekking to 5200m high Rainbow Mountain, and to a 5000m high pass on Salkantay Trail in Peru
-Eating guinea pig (cooked five separate ways)
-Celebrating 10 years of marriage whilst trekking to Machu Picchu
-Stargazing and sleeping in a polycarbonate pod suspended off a cliff
-Kissing a frozen cod on the lips, as part of my first visit to Newfoundland

If that list seems heavily skewed towards mountain adventures, that's because over the year, I netted 20,711 metres or 69,036 ft of elevation gain just chasing summits.

Before I sign off for the year, I will leave you with a selection of photos from the year that was, and a few last words of motivation: Our world may seem like a shitty place at times, and that weight will try to drag you down, but there are plenty of amazing and positive experiences out there waiting for you. Take that first step, break the inertia of just watching shit happen, and you'll find that the momentum carries you on from one adventure to the next.

I cannot wait to see what adventures lie in store for 2019. All the best, my friends.

Mosaic 2018

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