Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Badlands are Badass

Went camping in the badlands this weekend at the Tolman Bridge West Campground about half an hour northwest of Drumheller. It was super hot, I didn't change my clothes (or underwear) for 3 straight sweaty, beer drinking, campfire smokey days. I smelled like a cesspool when I got home... but overall, a great weekend. Took some pics - there are more, of course, but I don't feel like editing them. Story of my life...


  1. Nice! I've camped at the Tolman Bridge campground several times, I love it there. I think my favorite part is when you are driving there and it looks like flat farmland as far as the eye can see...but then, all of a sudden, you are plunging down into the valley.

    Definiely some great photo opportunites there.

  2. Yeah, I thought the same thing. My jaw just dropped when we crested a hill and suddenly the terrain turned into the cool badlands alien landscape in the valley. My only complaint was that it wasn't a little closer to Drumheller and the dinosaur trail loop. But it was definitely a good time.

    Thanks for the lengthy response to my lighting questions too. Very helpful. I think I need to get some formal courses/ instruction on that topic...