Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weapon of Choice

Poser, originally uploaded by iHeartDimSum.

I'm flying out to Vancouver tomorrow, and we're planning to drive down to Seattle for a couple days over the long weekend. I'm quite looking forward to this trip, as I haven't been to either city in a while. The only thing I hate about travelling is having to pick and choose your weaponry. Do I carry the D300, and a toy camera? Or how about a TLR? Will I use a tripod? Speedlight? How much film should I bring? If only I could lug it all with me... but alas, weight considerations trump, and I'm going with just the D300 and 17-55mm lens, a box of 120 and my Ricohflex TLR. It sounds ridiculous, but making that decision took me the last hour.

We've become so spoiled this year, literally travelling anywhere we want at will. If you count back to our honeymoon last October, we've done a month in Spain, 5 days in New York City, 3 weeks in Japan/ Hong Kong, and starting tomorrow 5 days in Vancouver/ Seattle. And then in November, we're undecided about where to go, but it's between Argentina, Chile, or Peru for 14 days. So many people sigh and snicker when they talk about married life. Me? Married life is treating me fantastic, and I couldn't ask for more.

Back in 5 days!


  1. A dSLR and a TLR are a good choice. I'd probably pack as many rangefinders as I could.

  2. Unfortunately, it's in the low to mid 30 degrees range (Celsius) here, and humid. I'm sweating so much that I don't even want to move, let alone start swappin cameras to take photos. One and a half days here, and I've only shot one photo. With a point and shoot no less. Terrible.