Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blacula and the Master of Tae Kwon Do

The annoying screams of tween adulation for 'Edward' can be heard from pretty much anywhere on the planet this weekend. Which pretty much makes me want to barf. Forget New Moon. You want a vampire flick with substance? Hunt down a copy of a REAL vampire flick like Blacula! Seriously, the world needs more blaxploitation films. More specifically, blaxploitation horror films. What a perfect marriage of genres.

And that got me thinking - the only thing the world needs MORE than blaxploitation films right now is choose your own adventure novels. When the hell did those go out of literary fashion? Seriously, WTF? You can't enter any bookstore without having to weave your way through stacks of Twilight related novels and junk, but nowhere can the literary masterpiece Master of Tae Kwon Do be found on the sprawling floor space? There is something clearly wrong with this world when you can't get a good dose of novels in which YOU get to decide whether the protagonist should order a pizza or go for a bike ride. Someone please get on this. Linear storytelling is soooo passé...

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