Saturday, November 7, 2009

Images of Autumn

I went out for an adventure yesterday on my day off down to Fish Creek Park in SE Calgary. I spent about 2 hours getting whipped in the face by gusting winds, but barely got past the parking lot - I stumbled into a field, and hit the jackpot for photo details. Like I said in a previous post, I love autumn for all the colours and textures of the foliage. Leaves get crunchy, grasses get straw-like, and everything is ablaze in oranges, reds and golds. Here's the first of what will probably be 3 posts of photos. I found a few of these plants by the parking lot and loved their colour. I really like how these turned out - the Nokton f/1.4 has such an extremely shallow depth of field that all the background details are blurred out, giving these shots such a painterly look and feel. Click to enlarge, there are a lot of details not seen in the smaller versions.


  1. A beautiful series! I particularly like the ones you posted on Flickr. Gotta love that bokeh!

  2. Thanks Sam! I really love the bokeh from this lens.