Monday, November 16, 2009

Kyoto Station

Well for the n-teenth, I'm in Ottawa again, staying at yet another different hotel (there aren't many more that I haven't defiled yet in the downtown core - they'll get theirs soon enough!). But the story is always the same. Baggage takes a million years to be unloaded, the lineups for a cab are worse than Black Friday at Walmart in Poortown USA, and then I am greeted by the hotel internet service that is slower than that 'so short she can barely see over the dashboard' Asian grandma driving around your local T&T parking lot. Seriously. What's not to like about travelling here.

Anyways, time for another photo post from Japan. This one is a series of shots I took at the train station in Kyoto (a very creatively named, Kyoto Station). It is an amazing 11 story semi-open air structure covered with a curved steel and glass canopy that was actually quite jaw droppingly beautiful. We've been to quite a few commuter train stations in cities around the world, but this one was probably the most incredible to look at. I'll let the photos do the talking. Again, these small versions do NOT do the place justice. Click to enlarge.

Riding the escalator up to the 11th floor. Notice, even the Japanese can't help but marvel at this place.

The sun was low in the sky as we were walking through this 11th floor skyway connecting one end of the station to the other. The light was just amazing as it reflected throughout the walkway.

The canopy structure reflected against the glass sides of the complex, late in the afternoon as the sun was setting.

Okay folks, time to go play some more Nintendo DS. G'night.

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