Friday, March 2, 2012

Kodak Discontinues Colour Reversal Film Stocks

So Kodak has discontinued production of their remaining 3 colour reversal (slide) films as of yesterday. Seems like every day, there is some announcement of the demise of yet another treasured film product. One could almost make a drinking game of it: pound back a scotch neat every time Kodak discontinues a film stock. At least you'd drown your sorrows from the news at the same time.

While the last remaining E6 (slide film) processing lab in Calgary shuttered that part of it's operations last year, this news still makes me sad knowing that I only have limited stocks of the E100 series of Kodak slides left that I could cross process. I had some fun results with these films over the past couple years. They will be missed.

And yes, you know you're an old luddite with no life when you're at home on a Friday night lamenting the death of analog.

The Lo-fi Aesthetic

Where the hell did this come from?


Top of Wenceslas Blvd

Railway Bridge - Riga, Latvia

Avenida dos Aliados - 3


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