Friday, March 9, 2012

Life Drawing - Harcourt House - Mar. 7/12

Life Drawing. Harcourt House. Edmonton. Nuff Said. Actually, no wait. The session was interesting in that the first half was filled was terrible country music in which every song but one was about drinking whiskey. And then after the break, they put on a folksy CD in which Dean and I quietly commented on the grade 7-ish lyrics. Then another dude declares aloud to the rest of the class "This music SUCKS." To which the session's organizer replies (after giving him the stink eye for a few seconds), "Well you're drawing the singer." Ooops.

Click to see Dean's sketches here.

Life Drawing - 03-07-12-6

Life Drawing - 03-07-12

Life Drawing - 03-07-12-2

Life Drawing - 03-07-12-4

Life Drawing - 03-07-12-5

Life Drawing - 03-07-12-3

Pentel Pocket Brush, Copic Markers, White Chalk Pastel, and Conte Crayons.

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