Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crabby, Shelly, and Crusty

We were grocery shopping yesterday, when I spotted these cute little live blue crabs in a bucket in the seafood section. I leaned in thinking I would say hello and be on my merry way, but noooooo, this one particular bastard decided he didn't appreciate being gawked at, so he jumped at me. Literally, he jumped out and snapped at me with his little pinchers, and so I thought, "Fine. You wanna play? I'm gonna eat you for supper. Yeah, and a couple of your buddies for good measure."

Crabby, Pinchy, and Shelley
**Clockwise from top: Crabby the Crab, Shelly the Shellfish, and Crusty the Crustacean.

For the record, they were tiny crabs, so weren't worth the effort of trying to eat, even if you do like crab.

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