Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quirky Vancouver, pt. 2

On our way to the farmer's market, we left our hotel in downtown Vancouver on Saturday morning, and began walking to the Skytrain station. A man standing on the curb interrupted our powerwalk with a jovial, "Excuse me, can you spare some change so that I can buy some marijuana and smoke that marijuana?"

We are so accustomed to the seemingly fabricated stories of 'I need money to buy a bus ticket so that I can get to Saskatchewan to visit my dying aunt's 17 year old cat with three legs and an eyepatch' or similar tales of woe, that this was such a refreshing and honest line from a panhandler, I almost wanted to give him money... in the end though, we didn't, because buying and smoking marijuana should not be a priority in your life if you have to ask for money to get it. No judgement for what side of the weed debate you stand on, just saying if you're begging for it, you've got bigger problems to solve, dude.

Photos below: View from our hotel (24th floor of the Sheraton Wall Centre) taken with the D300 at night, and iPhone photos of the various fooding adventures we went on during our stay. We ate so much shellfish and other sea life, I'm pretty certain scientists will be worrying about a strange epidemic of anorexia amongst whales soon. Fear not, David Suzuki, they haven't contracted eating disorders, there's just no food left for them.

Downtown Vancouver by Night



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