Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dickginas of the world...

I'm quite proud of my little self tonight. Instead of getting punched and walking away, I punched back... albeit, it was more of a snarky open palmed slap than a punch, but whatever. I stood up for myself.

Okay, rewind and let me set some context. I did not actually get in a fight. I've been having a pissing contest with the community association in my neighbourhood because 1) they are a bunch of dickginas, and 2) yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I can't come up with anything more intelligent than a portmanteaux involving both male and female genitalia. Anyways, back to the story. The community association essentially sent us a letter saying we owed them 30 bucks, and that they demanded we immediately pay them. No explanation about why, for what, how the amount was arrived at, etc. Turns out, they claim to have done a title search on our property to figure out who owned it since the previous owner didn't inform them that he sold, and figured they could just bully us into paying for it. So after two letters (with escalating amounts owed), I thought, screw this. I'm going to write a snarky letter pushing back, and see what comes of it. Well boys and girls, it turns out that all it takes to cow someone who is bullying you is to write a sarcastic passive aggressive letter demanding to see the legal authority for which something is being asked of you. Then they send back a very apologetic, "We have reversed the charges and your balance owing is now zero, sorry for any incovenience this has caused" response. That's great, eff you very much.

I think I'm going to start writing more letters going forward. Dickginas of the world, be warned. A snarky letter with your name on it just may hit your desk in the near future.

2 Badasses at Stampede-3
Anita and I celebrating after winning a plush toy on the midway at Stampede.

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