Thursday, August 7, 2014

Containr, in Sunnyside - The Antithesis to Suburban Banality

Wandering around my old stomping grounds in Kensington/ Sunnyside, Anita and I found this interesting use of vacant land, entitled Containr. The best I can come up with to describe it is a public park art and garden space designed by vegan granola crunching, pot smoking, hipster hippies. And I don't mean that in a derogatory manner in any sense. The place has this artsy recycle/ reuse/ repurpose, all natural home-brewed aesthetic to it that is otherwise so utterly lacking in the boring conservative Calgary urban landscape. It seems so fitting that we discovered this public space around the same time I was complaining about suburban banality.

The space and the repurposed shipping containers plopped on it apparently play host to various popup events, bike-in theatres, festivals, and workshops, while also hosting a demonstration garden, honeybee hives, and pallets turned into furniture and sitting space. We need more interesting public spaces like this. MANY MANY MORE.

Containr - Sunnyside-10

Containr - Sunnyside-3

Containr - Sunnyside-2

Containr - Sunnyside-1

Containr - Sunnyside-9

Containr - Sunnyside-4

Containr - Sunnyside - Mosaic-11

Containr - Sunnyside-8

Containr - Sunnyside-7

Containr - Sunnyside-5

Containr - Sunnyside-6

Containr - Sunnyside - Mosaic-1

In case any of you are intrigued and want to check it out, the space is around 9th St and 2nd Ave NW, across the street from Vendome Cafe.

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