Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Vanimated Gif

Our drinking and fooding pal, Vania, was back in town for a visit. And so fooding we went last Wednesday to the Black Pig Bistro in Bridgeland. You gotta check out the animated gif below that I made of Vania eating an inventive 'encapsulated olive' dish (she's going to be soooo impressed with me). And then we followed that up with an evening of drinking to excess on Saturday. Today was pretty much a write-off for me, cause I'm old and can't handle my liquor, so I don't even want to imagine Vania's hangover and subsequent plane ride back home to Dublin.

The Fooding Adventure at Black Pig Bistro.

The V.Poon Diaries-1
The'Encapsulated Olive.' Juicy, olivey goodness, that bursts open in your mouth. Insert lewd joke here.

The V.Poon Diaries-2
Chicken liver parfait, with apple chilli jelly, and some crostini. Like an ice cream parfait, except replace the vanilla ice cream with chicken liver. MM MMM MMMHHH.

The V.Poon Diaries-3
Jamon Iberico de Bellota - ham made from the top grade of Iberian black pig, fed exclusively on a diet of acorns, cured for 48 months.

The V.Poon Diaries-4
Vania, having the 'Encapsulated Olive' burst in her mouth. Heh.

Vania+Animated gif = Vanimated gif. Ha! I'm a moron. Sorry V. You can punch me when I come visit you in the Dub.

The V.Poon Diaries-6
Market Fish = a stew of clams, mussels, and halibut.

The V.Poon Diaries-7

The V.Poon Diaries-9

The V.Poon Diaries-8
Derek is stoked about this flour-less chocolate cake.

The Drinking Adventure at National on 10th.

The V.Poon Diaries-10

The V.Poon Diaries-14

The V.Poon Diaries-13

The V.Poon Diaries-15

The V.Poon Diaries-16

The V.Poon Diaries-17

The V.Poon Diaries-12
You know you're in for one MUTHA of a hangover when you're looking like this.

The V.Poon Diaries-18
G.Mach, looking ugly as always.

Come back soon, Poonie! We miss having you around. And more importantly, the world needs more Vanimated gifs of you eating stuff.

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