Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Jenny McCarthy Paradox

I think I've discovered Jenny McCarthy's worst nightmare: that day when scientists create a vaccine… for autism. Oh man, I can picture the look on her face - an awkward hybrid of fear, anguish, and constipation. It'll go viral immediately, becoming a classic meme known as "the Jenny McCarthy Paradox" face. And the heavens will ring out a crescendo of Chariots of Fire on repeat, while double triple rainbows shoot like 4th of July fireworks out of Cherubs' asses.

Imagine Jenny's face with this expression, and you pretty much see what I'm envisioning.
Disposable Camera-8

Okay, enough with the totally random fantasy side note. I've been carrying around an Ilford HP5+ Black & White disposable film camera for the past few months, snapping off one terrible photo here and there. I FINALLY finished the roll and promptly developed it tonight in Blazinol (Rodinal), 1/25 at 68 deg. F for 7:30. The camera produces pretty much what you would expect for a single use disposable. Junk, but awesome at the same time. And you need to use the tiny little onboard flash for everything, which people really LOVE getting zapped in the face with. #sarcasm

Disposable Camera-6

Disposable Camera-5

Disposable Camera-4
Anita, being cooperative as always.

Disposable Camera-3

Disposable Camera-2

Disposable Camera-7

Disposable Camera-9

Disposable Camera-10

Disposable Camera-1

And here's the actual disposable camera these were taken with, after I pried it apart to pull the film out.
Disposable Camera-12

Disposable Camera-11

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