Monday, August 25, 2014

Photo Transfers - to Aluminum Foil?!

My third attempt at photo transfers, but this time to an unlikely medium: ALUMINUM FOIL! I wasn't confident this was actually going to work, but amazingly, household aluminum foil holds up quite well to the transfer process if you stretch it out taut over something. I got lazy, and just wrapped some foil around cut pieces of cardboard without bothering to make them nice and square. Not quite as nice as real Wet Plate/ Tin Types, but still pretty cool looking (much more so in person than via these photos).

Photo Transfers onto Foil-2

Photo Transfers onto Foil-6
Chernobyl (actually, Pripyat, but close enough).

Photo Transfers onto Foil-5

Photo Transfers onto Foil-4
Ho Chi Minh

Photo Transfers onto Foil-7

These photos are actually reversed, because I forgot to flip them before printing, so when transferred they are mirrored from what they originally look like.

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