Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fire in the Skies

As a team building exercise, we headed out to Grasby Art Studio in the Bowness area to do some group painting. Even if you think you have zero skills in art, this is a super fun way to coax out your inner artist. You can choose to have an instructor provide you with a slight bit of guidance while working from a reference painting, and it is really interesting to see how your painting turns out so dramatically different than your neighbour's, purely from differences in your art style.

We chose a bright and fiery sky landscape as our reference painting, and these are some of the interpretations we generated in 2 hours. While I think all of the paintings my colleagues completed are pretty amazing considering few of them have ever painted before, the first one below is my favourite. It has these confident and assured strokes, bold and extremely bright colour, and a cohesiveness throughout in terms of style.

Grasby Art Studio-3

Grasby Art Studio-4

Grasby Art Studio-5

Grasby Art Studio-6

Grasby Art Studio-2

Grasby Art Studio-1

What do you guys think? Favourites?

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