Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Randomness: Judge Joe Brown vs. Judge Judy vs. Judge Dredd

I'm just going to spout off a bunch of random shiat tonight. First: The classic film 'Frankenhooker' (c. 1990) is screening this Friday at the Plaza, and they are giving away free condoms with the titular character on the packaging. See you there? Second: I recently thought of an awesome mashup movie - Judge Joe Brown vs. Judge Judy vs. Judge Dredd. Oh man, that would be a battle of the badassest - is that the proper superlative for 'badass'? - I AM THE LAW types! Third: When I try to text the word 'Cindy' on my phone, my fat fingers inevitably type 'Condy' which makes me laugh like a moron every time. What's wrong with me? Fourth: if a caucasian working husband is called a breadwinner, am I the 'rice winner'? Fifth: Is it wrong that I was kind of disappointed that the Oilers ended their chances for an 82 game losing streak by chalking up a win last night? Sixth: I asked Anita if she wanted to join me for a run tonight. Her response? "WHAAT?!! NOOOO!!" Ladies and Gents, meet my athlete wife.

Okay, enough of that. It's been a trying week for yours truly, and I can't string together anything more coherent than the above. Enjoy a couple random creepy weird photos I shot recently.



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