Sunday, October 26, 2014

Photographing the Pupils - Part III

There's a big fat fingerprint on my laptop screen right now. Any guesses why? Because Anita can't tell the difference between a laptop and an iPad. It's rather amusing to watch someone futilely try to end a FaceTime call by pressing on an LCD that clearly is not a touch screen.

Anywho, this is another set in my personal portrait series, 'Photographing the Pupils,' whereby students of mine sit for an impromptu session. I particularly like how these ones turned out. Real, raw, and unretouched. While most would prefer to look perfectly made up and flawless, I find beauty in the slight imperfections and assymetrics of our faces.

Photographing the Pupils Mosaic

Photographing the Pupils - Laura

Photographing the Pupils - Olga

Photographing the Pupils - Mike

Photographing the Pupils - Anne Marie

Photographing the Pupils - Afton

While taking these portraits of my students, Olga was interested in my Kiev, so I gave her a chance to shoot me with it. She struggled with the manual focus and the inverted image in the WLF, but she clearly nailed it - focus is spot on, and she placed a pretty decent key triangle using the single key light. Well done!

Photographing the Pupils - The Teacher becomes the Pupil

And Mike gets a bonus shot because his shirt was awesome:
Photographing the Pupils - October-1-2

All photos shot with the Kiev88 CM, Arsat 80mm f/2.8 on Kodak Tri-X 400. Developed in Rodinol, 1:25 @ 68 deg. F for 6:00min.


  1. "Real, raw, untouched" is a perfect description. Beautiful portraits!

  2. Thanks April! At some point, I'd like to get in touch with you about maybe doing a collaborative film swap project. ie: we could each shoot a roll of film, and then send it off to each other, and then we double expose those rolls through a second camera for some wacky results. Would you be interested?