Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Sexy Donair Costume

All Hallows Eve is but a couple nights away… got ye thy sexy nurse or sexy janitor or sexy donair costume yet? There's nothing hotter than an overweight dude wearing a seductive shawarma costume, am I right? (Correct answer: NO)

I'm not sure who decided that adding 'sexy' in front of any random noun would be a good idea for costumes, but give him credit - he's spawned a pretty big (and ridiculous) industry. Which brings me to my point. STOP BUYING THESE STUPID "SEXY" COSTUMES. Show a little fricking originality and imagination in getting your costume together, instead of grabbing that 'Sexy Toaster' ensemble from MegaDollarmania Store. Toasters aren't sexy… unless you have some rare fetish. I'm looking at you, Jian Ghomeshi.

Okay, so quick story about Halloween Costumes. Last year, I dressed up as a meth cook, Breaking Bad style. So I was handing out candies to the Trick or Treaters, when these two kids who couldn't have been more than 8 years old came to the door. One of them looks at me and asks, "Did you spill some chemicals or something?" The other kid turns to him and says, "Duh, he's cooking meth." Hilarious. And also kind of scary that an 8 year old knew this.

Breaking Mach

Anyways, on to some more recent photos. First, my failed attempt to carve a nicely shaded pumpkin.

Pumpkin Fail-1

And then a bunch of photos taken in New York's Times Square last month.

All Hallows Eve-1
Iron Man and Black-tain America (or maybe Captain Blackmerica?)

All Hallows Eve-2-2
Sexy Alien, chillin' with his homie, Sexy Predator.

All Hallows Eve-3-2

All Hallows Eve-4-2
Sexy Predator, quenching his thirst with some Gatorade.

All Hallows Eve-2
I guess these are 'Sexy Flag' costumes? They were also parading around beside a Jesus preaching dude, which I found a bit funny.

All Hallows Eve-1-2


  1. sexy ebola patient. that should be #1 this year

  2. Followed closely in 2nd place by Zombie Ebola. Which really makes more sense, if you think about it.